Saturday, September 15, 2012

Falling Fertility Rates in the Americas

One of the most persistent public misconceptions of our era is the notion that countries with the largest populations in the Americas (such as the US and Brazil) enjoy solid population growth while major European countries' populations have been collapsing. The Economist throws some welcome light on the subject:
So it comes as something of a shock to discover that in 2011 America’s fertility rate was below replacement level, and below that of some large European countries (see chart). The American rate is now 1.9 and falling. France’s is 2.0 and stable. The rate in England and Wales is 2.0 and rising slightly.
By the way, the differences in fertility rates among immigrant and nonimmigrant families in France is not as high as imagined by most people outside of France.

Brazil's total fertility rate (TFR), like America's, has also been falling very fast, down to 2.2 in 2011. Most estimates indicate that it will continue to fall significantly during the next decades.

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