Friday, October 7, 2011

Fame and Merit Don't Correlate

Steve Jobs was a political motivator, and that's why we hear all the ludicrous comparisons with Thomas Edison and Graham Bell (yes, the press deeply tires me). The truth is that, even at the peak of Apple's recent success, it barely surpassed 10% of the personal computer market share. How can somebody be so revolutionary while having to work so hard to achieve a 10% market share is one of those puzzles that can only be explained by political scientists, not by economists.

If you want to know about the real heroes of modern technological business and innovation, people who really changed the world and who made America the power it is today, then don't look for those who had time to worry about the color of computer cases. Look for people that in only 40 years multiplied single machine processing capabilities by six orders of magnitude. Learn about people like Gordon Moore, Andy Grove and Robert Noyce, among many others of equal importance but even lower popular fame.

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