Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Saturated Fat French Paradox

French culture, politics and economics are fascinating due to all the puzzles and paradoxes it poses to researchers in the rest of the world. This article by Fat Head for example talks about the saturated fat paradox:
Compared to Americans, the French consume four times as much butter, three times as much pork and 60% more cheese. Their overall consumption of saturated animal fat is double ours. Since the experts have told us over and over that saturated fat will clog your arteries, the heart-attack rate in France must be higher than the Eiffel Tower, right? Wrong.
The heart-disease rate in France is about one-third the rate in the United States and United Kingdom, in spite of the fact that the rate of smoking in France is also 10% higher. Since everyone knows saturated fat causes heart disease, the experts refer to this as the French Paradox — and for years, they’ve been falling all over themselves to explain it away.
Since public health and medical researchers have shown again and again to be clueless about the phenomenon, the article (and its hilarious politically incorrect comments) proposes a few "explanations." Follow the link and enjoy!

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