Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guy Sorman on What the News Doesn't Tell You About the French Strikes

I've been writing a series of articles (in Portuguese) for that discusses differences between freedoms in the US and in France. In the latest article I talk about how the most important trend in European countries after the Second World War, including France, is characterized by continuous and unstoppable market liberalization. Sorman, who is among the most knowledgeable observers of these two societies, independently arrives to similar conclusions in this Wall Street Journal article. He concludes:
To conclude that France never changes ... would be slightly mistaken. In spite of a Napoleonic right and a Marxist left, the French economy has become much more market-oriented than it was 20 or 30 years ago. The best and the brightest now want to become entrepreneurs, not top bureaucrats. Such an evolution was not desired by political leaders but instead has been forced on French society through the liberating influence of globalization and the European Union. This confrontation between Mr. Sarkozy and the unions doesn't mean much compared to those historical trends.

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