Friday, May 7, 2010

More on the Kauffman Survey of Leading Economics Bloggers

As a nice follow up to my last post, the new Kauffman report just came out, including answers to new survey questions. Among them, I found these to be interesting:

Leading bloggers think that budget deficits and inflation will increase in the short term. I assume that the answers are based on the notion of structural deficits (meaning, discounted the temporary effect of bailouts and the stimulus on the deficit) and on the idea that the effects of loose monetary and fiscal policies should start to be felt in a three-year horizon.

Here is a surprising one (at least to me):
What? The Brazilian Real is seen by 3% among the leading bloggers as the 2050 reserve currency? No way in hell this is gonna happen. Maybe I find it loony just because I worked for the Central Bank of Brazil for so many years, but those are my two cents anyway.

PS: Oops, my mistake, those 3% among the bloggers voted for the EU Euro, not for the Brazilian Real. A more sensible result, although clearly biased by the Greek crisis.

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