Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cab Drivers and Intellectuals

My last article (in Portuguese) is about cab drivers than can articulate more intelligent thoughts than those of most intellectuals. Here is a translated passage:
Like the first cab driver, the second one, near retirement, told me, after knowing that I lived in the US, that his given name was Truman, a name that his father gave him in 1948 after he emigrated from Greece to escape from the communist menace. He also talked about the misery created by the French social welfare state, but went beyond and told me that he was sure that the waste of resources promoted by the system would render his three children incapable of getting a retirement benefit as good as the one he would soon get. He kept repeating furiously: "To the devil with those reds and commies!" I imagine that the victory of the socialist and green parties in the last French regional elections may have affected for worse the mood of these two cab drivers.

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Zach said...

The next generation will be very unfortunate in many circumstances.