Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Column in the

Here's the first article (written in Portuguese) in my semimonthly column in the website I used the KOF Index of Globalization to compare countries that are politically globalized but economically and socially autarkic (for example, Brazil, Tunisia, Argentina and Morocco) with countries that are absolutely autarkic (such as Cuba, Albania and North Korea). This is the translation of one of the most important paragraphs:
What these countries [Tunisia, Argentina and Morocco] do have in common with Brazil? I believe that a good explanation, based on public choice theory, would be that
the political system of these countries was formed to preserve a ruling class (politicians and government officers) whose main objective is to rent seek, or in other words, to exploit the productive and underserved segments of the population through the imposition of barriers to their social and economic integration to the world. Differently from the ruling class in absolutely autarkic countries, which uses the politics of isolation and the antiglobalization movement as an instrument of self-preservation, the ruling class in countries like Brazil maintains its access to the benefits of globalization while denying the same access to the rest of the population.


Joseph said...

It'd be nice to get the entire thing translated into English -- online translators muddle things up, especially when dealing with technical writing, but I don't necessarily expect that out of you. Nevertheless, I AM interested in reading the entire thing. Maybe I can pick up a book on Portuguese :)

Pedro H. Albuquerque said...

Thanks Joseph. Translating is hard work. Even though those articles are mostly for south of the border consumption, I'll try to at least translate the main passage of each of them. Keep reading!

Joseph said...

Yep, I know that. I've had to translate Chinese into English on more than one occasion. I didn't expect you to translate the entire thing unless I paid you, and as much as I want to read it, I don't want to read it THAT bad :)