Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Climategate According to Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart breaks the silence... Enjoy!


Joseph said...

Stewart's treatment of Climategate was by far the most honest I've seen -- from either the right or the left.

Climategate certainly doesn't disprove global warming, and, in fact, what is lost in the hubbub is that the right's ridiculous claim that the entire thing was orchestrated by Al Gore and George Soros in some elaborate hoax is pretty unfounded. We would have certainly seen some mention of that in these emails. After all, they are talking about "tricks" to hide decline. Why not talk about how much George Soros is paying you to say global warming is real?

Another point is that not all the emails were released by the hacker. We can only presume it is because the rest of the stolen correspondences actually supports global warming.

On the other hand, the scientists involved have acted unprofessionally, and, of course, unscientific.

All Climategate really proves is that academics and scientists are petty jerks, something any academic or scientist would tell you.

Pedro H. Albuquerque said...

Hi Joseph, I agree that Stewart's treatment was quite balanced. It should be clear however that the unethical conduct showed in the E-mails that were released (probably a whistle-blower job) is extremely shocking even for a thick-skinned scientist like me, someone that has yet seen pretty bad stuff in academia and government. What those guys have been doing *is* anti-scientific and inexcusable, and they deserve to get all the flack that they've been getting, and probably much more.
I can only hope that, as a result of this imbroglio, we'll see a return to ethical scientific standards, more respect for scientific dissent, and less politicking in the field of climate change.

Joseph said...


It is most certainly evidence of a group of people behaving badly, and even evidence of scientists spitting in the face of the scientific method. All I meant is that Climategate isn't as much "news on climate change" as it is "news on people studying a politicized topic." The broohaha is a result of global warming skeptics thinking this is proof positive of a global warming hoax -- which it most certainly is not.