Saturday, October 3, 2009

Government Failure: Azevedo on the Administration's Olympic Fiasco

Brazilian writer Reinaldo Azevedo offers some wise words on the administration's Olympic fiasco in this Veja Magazine blog article (in Portuguese). I translate the most relevant passage for your enjoyment:
It's one thing for the government of an emerging country [like Brazil] to enter head-on into the [Olympic] dispute and to paint it as question of national survival; it's however an entirely different thing for the country that's yet the leader of the western world to costar in this pantomime. In the first case, if the effort succeeds, the result is what we're seeing [in Brazil]: the consagration of the leader; if all goes wrong, accuse the bigotry of the rich [countries to explain your political defeat]. As simple as that. Obama on the other hand should only have got personally involved, as he did, with the certainty of victory. Who pretends to be greater than one really is behaves like Lula. Who pretends to be the opposite acts like Obama.

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