Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Government Failure: If Coke Can, Why Can't the USPS?

Here is a great post by University of Michigan-Flint professor Mark Perry that serves as an example of what will happen to this country as we allow more and more political and government micromanagement of its economy. It has a picture that shows two fully operational vending machines near a deactivated USPS stamp machine in a Post Office (see it below). Perry makes the point:

The stamp vending machine at the downtown Flint Post Office no longer sells stamps, it sits there empty. Right next to the dark, empty vending machine for stamps sit two fully operational, bright and shiny vending machines, one for soft drinks and one for snacks, presumably owned and operated by a private, for-profit vending machine company (see photo above).

Old machines, breakdowns, and replacement parts apparently are not overwhelming problems for a for-profit vending machine company, so couldn't the Post Office outsource its stamp vending machines to the private company that is providing soft drinks and snacks in the Post Office lobby?

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