Friday, July 17, 2009

A Video Game Wherein Ideas Have Consequences

Imagine a video game where "ideas have consequences," with flowcharts like this one:
Such a video game has yet been devised and its details have been worked out. You'll find the patent application here (HT Escolhas e Consequências).

The patent application has nothing less than 119 pages, including references to "communist vampires" and "Nazi zombies"... More details can be found here and here.

The application author is Dr. Elliot McGucken, a physicist and artistic entrepreneur. Here's his home page, and here's his short bio.


ENNYMAN said...

Utterly fasciinatng find.

gold45revolver said...

some concept art for teh video game paqtent!

So I'm making a new one! Goatstein adopted a quote of mine in his profile, "Both Socrates and Kid Rock share the same humble philosophy. Kid Rock: "Only God knows why." Socrates: "The only thing I know is I know nothing," and I guess that captures the theme of this current thread, wherein I'll be elaborating on my physics, philosophy, poetry, "Hero's Journey into Arts Entrepreneurship & Technology" class, my videogame research, and, of course, the upcoming Gold 45 Revolver book which ties it all together.