Friday, July 10, 2009

7th Art: The End of the Age of the DVD

Product life cycles have become shorter as technology advances. Even accomplished products are destined to enjoy brief lives now. Here's the magazine The Economist on the case of the DVD:
TEN years ago DVDs rejuvenated the film business, encouraging people to own films rather than simply watch them. But sales, which began declining gradually in 2006, are now falling more steeply. ... For the studios it is much more profitable to stream a film digitally or sell it through a cable operator as a video-on-demand (VOD).


ENNYMAN said...

How much of the drop off in DVD sales is due to alternative technologies and how much due to poor quality product... that is, lack of good movie. This chart seems to mirror box office sales the past several years as well. There is a limit to how many times a person can get burned with weak films.

On another topic: When you do a search for Incentives Matter, your blog is now #1 on Google. (it used to be two or lower.)


Pedro H. Albuquerque said...

Thanks Ennyman, I think you have a point. The blog is into vacation mode lately, but posting will resume in full mode when the time is right.