Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Unusual Economics of Dating

This article by Sedgwick on online dating that appeared in the magazine Best Life brings forward an interesting economic proposition: that people on a date are simultaneously and symmetrically buyers and sellers:

As a consumer proposition, the thing that is so difficult about the Date is that it's a transaction that goes two ways. You and she are both buyers and sellers, simultaneously. It's like buying a house that is also considering buying you. So the whole time, at every stage, from the first tense hello to the final good-bye kiss on the cheek, lips, or air, you're not just thinking, Do I like her, do I like her? you're also worrying, Does she like me, does she like me? So you keep switching from offense to defense: charming, then evaluating, then charming again. All the while pickling yourself in alcohol. It's easier to twirl dinner plates while riding a unicycle across a high wire strung above Broadway.

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