Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ: Obama meets with economic advisers.
WSJ: Pelosi is for more "fiscal stimulus."
WSJ: Fed's Lockhart on the Fed's arsenal.
The Economist on who voted for Obama.
The Economist on Obama's economic troubles.
The Economist on the Senate and House elections.
The Economist: European rates are cut again.
The Economist on the credit crunch in Brazil.
The Economist on Obama and the unemployment surge.
The Economist: American carmakers, in trouble again...
Mankiw on the new draft (very, very bad idea).
Caplan on Krugman's judgmental view of the median American voter.
Sachsida interviews León-Ledesma on the effects of the financial crisis in Europe (in Portuguese).
Constantino explains how government awkward regulation of the credit rating agencies made them irrelevant (in Portuguese).


jdmacro said...

Love your blog - really great stuff... will be checking back often...

rico said...

I find your blog postings very interesting and informative, will be checking back often