Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ: Obama defends his plan of action.
WSJ agrees with magazine The Economist in one point: voting for Obama is a gamble.
WSJ: Markowitz criticizes finance professionals for their role in the crisis (HT Selva).
WSJ: credit card losses to rise.
WSJ: Fed's Lacker on government mixed signals.
The Economist: McCain's last salvo.
Becker and Posner on the effects of free markets on moral character.
Mankiw: will radical economists be at the core of an Obama government?
Perry on GRE scores per field.
Cowen on the demand for economic classes after the crisis.
Boudreaux on Mencken and political irrationality (here too).
Lawson makes an interesting point against voting.
Fair Model estimates that Obama will win with 51.91% of the two-party votes (HT Selva).
Sachsida asks: where was the bank run? (in Portuguese).
Sorman: markets are imperfect, the state is even more imperfect (in French).

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