Monday, October 27, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ: crisis hits the Persian Gulf countries.
WSJ on health care wishful thinking.
WSJ on the effect of the crisis on inequality of wealth.
WSJ on the candidates and your money.
WSJ on how Obama's advisers were once supporters of McCain's health care principles.
WSJ: economists find evidence that DST (daylight savings time) not only is an annoyance but also increases residential electricity demand and pollution.
The Economist on the stock market slump.
Mankiw on economists' sins.
Mankiw explains why Obama's tax policies will make him wish to work less.
Mankiw on the Great Depression.
Kling explains the strength of the dollar (tallest among pygmies).
Caplan on The Onion, Bush and Harding.
Perry: foreclosures drop without AZ, CA, FL and NV.
Somin on Ayers' sudden love for property rights (HT Shikida).
Sorman on Argentina's collective suicide (in French).
Sorman on Sarkozy's "reform capitalism" rhetoric.

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