Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ: a capitalist manifesto by Judy Shelton (HT Stroup).
WSJ: academic economists say latest changes in the bailout plan are positive. Many challenges remain however. Cochrane thinks it could be much better.
WSJ on Obama and Acorn.
WSJ on high heels.
WSJ: car-finance firms want to be part of the bailout too.
Forbes: no more Vegas on Wall Street (HT Oliver).
Mankiw on silly exercises regarding the effects on the economy of government's party affiliation.
Tabarrok: telepathy is becoming a reality (welcome to Xavier's world).
Cowen on the absence of good economics in the latest version of Obama's economic plan.
Perry: total loans and leases of commercial banks keep rising. Credit crunch, where?
Le Point: the French bailout plan (in French).
Sorman criticizes Gordon Brown's cartelization of British banks - and Krugman for supporting it (in French).

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