Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ: Noonan on Palin's populism.
WSJ: Palin/Biden debate had more viewers than McCain/Obama debate.
The Economist examines the tendency of NBER economists to vote Democrat in this election (HT Levitt).
Hamilton on the European GDP forecast, and also on a paper he wrote with Chauvet, a friend of mine.
Boudreaux on the tiresome and shallow use of greed as a crisis scapegoat.
Boudreaux on how even Economic Nobel Prize winners may demonstrate lack of understanding of basic economics.
Harford defends the bailout.
Harford gives economic advice to a female escort.
Dubner on George's despair.
Tabarrok: the breakdown of social incentives.
Cowen on the credit market segmentation.

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