Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ on goverment officers' statements on the passing of the bailout plan.
The Economist gives the bad news: Ecuador is the newest Latin-American country to follow on the road to authoritarianism.
Mankiw on the puzzling rise of real interest rates.
Cowen on the mark-to-market accounting standard.
Tabarrok on how the newly formed consensus among economists against the bailout plan can be so different from the consensus in favor of it among politicians.
Perry: US dollar reaches its highest level since September 5, 2007.
Banaian on the employment numbers.
Selva Brasilis: Catholic Church in Brazil accepts credit card donations from churchgoers (in Portuguese).
Sorman explains the financial crisis, and compares derivatives with a miracle pill that had side effects to be discovered (in French).

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