Friday, October 3, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ: Senate passes the bailout.
WSJ on Palin's performance in debates.
WSJ: German Finance Minister talks about the crisis in Europe.
WSJ: IMF on the crisis.
WSJ on the mark-to-market accounting procedure.
The Economist asks readers around the world how they would vote in this election (HT Mankiw).
Mankiw explains why Obama's tax increases will lead to higher deadweight losses due to a higher effective average marginal tax rate.
Mankiw: another list of articles on the financial crisis.
Kling on the banks in Europe.
Perry on the record inflation in Zimbabwe: 531,000,000,000%.
Mitchell explains why the bailout is bad (HT Perry).
Chinn analyzes the Chinese trade numbers.
Banaian criticizes the mandatory increase in FDIC insurance.
Banaian on worrisome partisanship in schools.
Boudreaux and the Concise Encyclopedia of Economics, 2nd Edition.
Caplan on the phenomenon of economists opposing the bailout.

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