Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ: Congress, White House consider increasing deposit insurance limits.
WSJ: McCain supports the bailout plan.
WSJ on auto sales.
WSJ (and here too) on how young voters mean Obama's victory.
The Economist on the anti-economics political rhetoric in Europe.
The Economist on the role of Bush during the bailout vote.
Caplan on Paulson the telemarketer.
Mankiw on the Economics Nobel Prize pool.
White on collateral damage to the free market cause.
Lawson on the extreme economic powers of the Congress.
Mankiw on the marginal tax rate of the candidates' tax proposals.
Mankiw lists articles defending bailouts and criticizing economists.
Boudreaux lists articles against the bailouts.
Boudreaux on the "frozen credit markets" that don't balk at offering credit cards even to children.
Levy and Peart on the role of rating agencies in the crisis (HT Cowen).

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