Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

NYT on how lawmakers who voted in favor of the bailout received significantly more campaign contributions from the financial sector than lawmakers who voted against the bailout (HT Magalhães).
WSJ: many constituents happy with House members that voted against the bailout.
WSJ on Bernanke's views on the Great Depression.
WSJ: Atlanta Fed's President Lockhart believes no bailout plan will pass in the House.
WSJ: Obama defends bailing out banks.
WSJ on investing in a bear market.
WSJ on the presidential campaign blame game.
Dubner on how a 1999 article by the NYT explained how Fannie and Freddie were on their way to trouble.
Hurst on the risks of reregulation (via Wolfers).
Posner on the bailout.
Becker on the bailout.
LATimes on the "burst of the green bubble" (HT Cowen).
Mankiw on the VIX index.
Caplan on the bailout and the public opinion.
White on ridiculous apocalyptic statements on the bailout rejection.
Boudreaux on people that can't get economics right.
Boudreaux: today, housing; tomorrow, health care.
McArdle criticizes Palin, but thinks the bailout is much worse.
Perry on four factors behind the crisis.
Sachsida explains to Brazilians how the rejection of the bailout plan is an excellent example of the strength of democracy in America (in Portuguese).
Sorman on the importance of the Seventh Fleet for the maintenance of free trade in Asia (in French).

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