Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

Gallup: Obama takes the lead once more.
Washington Post has Bergsten on how free trade is more important now than ever (HT Mankiw).
WSJ: Capitol Hill frustration with, hum, financial crisis frustration.
WSJ on the real estate market.
The Economist: Fed thinks economic outlook has not yet been seriously undermined by the financial crisis.
The Economist on the AIG bailout.
The Economist on the Palin effect.
The Economist on how Bolivia sees itself once more in political chaos.
Cowen on a bit of good news among all the bad ones.
Caplan on liberal aneurysm by anticipation.
Banaian and the economic nonsense that comes from both candidates.
Gawker on "why you shouldn't trust your financial magazine" (HT McArdle).

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