Friday, September 12, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

The Economist on Fannie, Freddie and the financial crisis.
WSJ has Rove on Obama's trouble with Palin.
WSJ on Palin and the trooper dismissal.
WSJ: more on Lehman Brother's struggle to shore up confidence.
Boston Herald's Graham on Obama's "lipstick on a pig" disaster.
Cowen on when should you spend your money: early or late in life?
Caplan on how irresponsible people should do the right thing and choose not to vote.
Caplan on how corny Canadian politicians may be the best thing for politics.
Hall on Inside Higher Ed economic obscurantism and the "no solutions, only trade-offs" wise remark by Thomas Sowell.
Harford on how the press loves economic schizophrenia.
SCSUScholars' 9/11 audio tribute.

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