Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stuff I've Read Today

WSJ on Palin and the bridge to nowhere -- the other side of the story.
WSJ on Lehman Brothers' financial troubles.
WSJ on the apparent anti-McCain bias of British Prime Minister Brown.
The Economist on China as the main source of immigrants.
The Economist on the SVP's struggle to return to government in Switzerland.
Roberts on the Fannie and Freddie fairy tale (with a tragic end).
Samuelson on how equality in health care spending has already been achieved (HT Mankiw).
Cowen on Whitman, the economist and blogger that is also a screenwriter for Fringe.
Boudreaux on the irrelevance of the trade deficit or surplus.
McArdle on how inequality cannot significantly fall even if Obama does all he says he'll do.
Perry on Google search counts for Obama, McCain and Palin.
City Journal on how Hobsbawm’s “lifelong devotion to communism destroyed him as a thinker or interpreter of events” (HT Selva Brasilis).
Salon has Camille Paglia explaining why Palin represents a new brand of feminism (HT Perry).
Fox on how Oprah is taking lessons on the economic costs of partisanship.
Constantino (in Portuguese) explains to Brazilians why the GSE takeover is very far from being the "death of neoliberalism" or the "last gasp of capitalism" as Latin-American Cassandras have been suggesting.
Sachsida (in Portuguese) on the mystery of economists that don't know economics.

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