Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How Education Affects Parental Time with Children

In this interesting article economists Guryan, Hurst & Kearney show that the more educated the parents, the more time they spend with their kids, even if they also work more outside home:

We find that higher-educated parents spend more time with their children; for example, mothers with a college education or greater spend roughly 4.5 hours more per week in child care than mothers with a high school degree or less. This relationship is striking, given that higher-educated parents also spend more time working outside the home. This robust relationship holds across all subgroups examined, including both nonworking and working mothers and working fathers. It also holds across all four subcategories of child care: basic, educational, recreational,and travel related to child care... Within all of the 14 countries for which we have data, more-educated parents spend more time with their children than less-educated parents do, all else equal.

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